Park am Gleisdreieck, Eastpark

par Sarah Lacombe on 01/27/2012

La 2e partie du Park am Gleisdreieck à Berlin a ouvert en 2011 et a été honoré avec la mention Argent de la Urban Quality Award 2011.

„We had the vision to build a park that is very peculiar for Berlin – rough and robust, but still very sensual and adjustable to different uses and lifestyles. The „Park am Gleisdreieck“ predetermines not only a few options for use, but rather provides vast areas for a creative and informal adoption of the location by the visitor. All elements of the park were designed with these aesthetical premises in mind. Large spaces with haptic surfaces assemble to an arrangement of large-scale, indestructible outdoor furniture fusing with mellow tree groves and meadows into a very unique cityscape.“

Atelier loidl

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