Capturing Resonance

par Sarah Lacombe on 04/17/2012

By affixing thousands of iridescent acrylic Plexiglas squares (carefully hand cut and sanded) into welded chain link cells, the sprawling structure transmits, reflects, and refracts the natural light into the gallery. Hanging from the third floor ceiling, the work fills the narrow space. The cascading, interlocking convex and concave Plexi and chain link fence units appear as biomorphic forms, overwhelming the field of vision of visitors as they enter the gallery. Depending on the time of day, rainbow hued shadows fill the space, shifting from crisp representations of the structure to abstract color washes with the path of the sun.

A continuous and ever-changing sound composition responds to human interaction through hidden motion detectors and computer programming. Musical states increase or decrease according to motion, blends of whispering chords, soft tonal washes, and elongated instrumental sounds vary in both intensity and frequency.

The visual and sonic elements are fused in a sensorial environment that captures the dynamic interactions between light, sound, and human presence. This installation continually shifts and transforms in relation to perspective, time, and presence.

par Soo Sunny Park en collaboration avec Spencer Topel (sons) (2011)

Photos par Michelle AldredgeSoo Sunny Park et Colourlovers


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