Pole Bole

par Sarah Lacombe on 04/27/2012

Traditional playgrounds represent didacticism. By relying on rigid equipment that only serves a limited set of programmed purpose, play has become simplified and, in turn, the process of discovering and inventing things to play with is neglected, if not eliminated. The ambition of this project, therefore, is to redefine the playground as a modifiable, constantly evolving environment that breeds multiple forms, size and rules of play. The diversity in play is achieved not by the number of equipment but by our limitless capacity to create play whether it is an object, space or interaction itself. With a simple structural guide – a field of poles raised in different angles – Pole Bole offers various heights of openings, barriers and intersections on which play can be embroidered. Adjustable hooks in each pole aids flexibility and adaptability of play-making. Differentiated levels of surface extend opportunities for play-arrangement while intensifying visual phenomena and spatial interactions. Through this exploration, invention, construction and modification, users of all age, size and physical dexterity can participate in a communal authorship of the play space.

Texte et photos KUTONOTUK

Équipe KUTONOTUK Leena Cho, Matthew Jull, 2010

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