Gulliver table

par Sarah Lacombe on 05/23/2012

The table naturally grows taller as we move along the inclined plane. The structure serves as a symbol for the children’s workshop—it is a floor, a table, a bench, a playground or even a shelter. Various persons come all together around a single 50 meter-long table, discovering various places along the way; places to sit down, to stand up, to lie down or pass under. Like a big family gathered around a picnic table, this is a stage full of smiles where all citizens, young and old, converge to create something new.

Texte et photos : Fuminari Yoshitsugu / TORAFU ARCHITECTS

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  1. 11/6/2012Mountain gym - Le pamphlet says:

    […] souvenez, une longue table de pique-nique occupait cet espace l’année dernière, nommée Gulliver Table réalisé par TORAFU […]

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