Yes, Goodbye

par Sarah Lacombe on 05/31/2012

par Jessica Williams, à Malmö, Suède en 2007.

Yes, Goodbye consists of a two-part site specific installation and accompanying zine. The dual title reflects the decision to have the zine available in both English and Swedish because it was given away for free to the general public at the exhibition.

The installation was shown at the Malmö Art Academy during their Yearly Exhibition in Malmö, Sweden. The first part was installed in my studio and consisted of a small potted forest and related drawings and photographs I had made. On the last day of the exhibition the small trees were planted in the back yard of the school, without permission. They were arranged in a way where they were not visible to the passerby, but only from the third and fourth-story windows of the school or if someone physically walked into the space where they were.

The trees were planted the day before I left Malmö. I came back a month later and they were in a mess of tall grass surrounded by perfectly mowed grass, as if the gardener did not know what to do with them. A friend of mine who was traveling checked on them again for me a month and half after that, and they had completely disappeared.

 Photos par Tim Steer

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