Brooklyn bridge pop-up pool

par Sarah Lacombe on 08/10/2012


« Located on the uplands of pier two, the ‘brooklyn bridge park pop-up pool’ is the result of a collaboration between american firms spacesmith and davis brody bond. planned as a temporary structure only to remain five years, the colorful nature of the project uses as little additional construction as possible, re-utilizing the concrete foundations left from previously demolished buildings. The 50-foot by 30-foot pool was raised to avoid unnecessary excavation while a beach of 2,500 square feet of sand lends to a fun environment to contrast with the city background. a wall of vividly painted and decorated repurposed shipping containers provide ample storage space as well as showers, restrooms, concessions and lockers, and define a concrete plaza replete with picnic tables, umbrellas and stairs while buffering the nearby traffic noise. »

Texte par Designboom

Photos de kevin chu/KCJP via Designboom


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