Meredith Long Gallery

par Sarah Lacombe on 02/16/2013
Baldridge Landscape, en collaboration avec Dillon Kyle Architecture, ont réalisé l’aire de stationnement du Meredith Long Gallery, une galerie qui se trouve sur la rue animée de San Felipe, à Houston, au Texas.
The design intent was to evoke delight and begin the art gallery experience upon arrival to the site. The available space was very limiting which presented a design challenge; how to create a green space and provide maximum parking bays. The need for covered parking led to the parking structure. The need for a green space resulted in a merger of both, which was achieved by wrapping the structure in a photograph of azalea leaves. The structure feels like a huge topiary form which provides utility and a sense of folly all at once. The very traditional planting palette of Boston Ivy, single trunk Natchez Crape Myrtles and Elaeagnus provides a green outline to the architecture. The windows on the facade of the building serve as vitrines for the revolving collections. Boston Ivy was planted on the exterior facade resulting in a lovely green frame around each of the paintings.
Photos et texte par Baldridge Landscape
BaldridgeLandscape_01 BaldridgeLandscape_02 BaldridgeLandscape_03 BaldridgeLandscape_04 BaldridgeLandscape_05 BaldridgeLandscape_06 BaldridgeLandscape_07 BaldridgeLandscape_08

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